Last words on some portrait tips for your loved ones... Tip #4 -Use your long lens A telephoto lens, or the telephoto setting on your camera's zoom lens, lets you concentrate on the person without getting inside their personal space. A DSLR lens range of 85-135mm will do the trick. Any shorter focal length (or wider) can possibly distort the face & have it look unnatural. You'll notice that anytime you see a portrait session of a celebrity or supermodel on TV,  the photographer is not close to the subject, but a bit of a distance away, sort of on the other end of a short bowling alley. This allows for the subject to act natually & comfortably, without the feeling that the photographer is crowding them. And Tip #5  (Especially if you don't have time now to use tips 1-4) - Consider Using Your Older Photos! Your better half may be touched by an older photo of his or her other loved ones. A great last minute idea is scanning & copying that old photo and enlarging it (even to poster size), changing it to black & white or old fashioned sepia (we can do that with a simple touch of a button) or taking a couple of photos & putting them in a double frame for a desk or wall. Erik & Rebecca, our lab wizards can help you come up with a great last minute gift that your beloved will adore! Hope these tips help. We'll have other helpful how-to posts coming soon. All of us here at Camera Wholesalers wish you and your loved ones a VERY Happy Valentine's Day! And remember, we'll be open Monday, President's Day from 10-6.

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