We told you that we'll pass along any good blog posts and articles, so we're sharing a good web review of the Nikon D7000, one of the more impressive cameras that have come out recently. As David Erlich writes on Yahoo, "A professional feel and features make the ultra-capable Nikon D7000 one of the hardest cameras to find on the market today, for good reason". Apparently, The D7000 is a hard to get camera nationwide, & we're happy to say that we've got some! Events of the last week or so makes future availability of cameras unsure at best, so now's the time to get a D7000 if you want one! Call or come in ASAP! We've also have gotten in most of the new cameras for Spring 2011 which include the Nikon Coolpix S9100 & P300, The 16 megapixel 12.5 zoom Casio H30 and the Canon PowerShot A1200, the only new point & shoot camera that has a viewfinder! We also have a good supply of lenses from all the camera manufacturers plus Tamron, Tokina and Sigma. Now's a good time to get your equiptment for your upcoming spring events. Our free class next Thursday is "HD Video for DSLR's" and it'll cover information that will be useful for point & shoot owners with HD video as well!  It'll be at 7 PM on March 31st; Bring your camera & a smile!

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