If you're looking a budget priced stocking stuffer gift for that special someone, allow us at CWS to suggest 10 items, 1 each day up to Christmas Eve to put under the tree. The first item is an item that is indispensible for any DSLR user...
Who said white balance tools have to be expensive? If you want the best and most accurate color, get it with a Promaster SystemPRO White Balance Lens Cap. The SystemPRO Professional White Balance Lens Cap diffuses incoming light to create an average color temperature for any given scene. Use your camera's manual white balance feature to capture the most accurate color photos with your digital camera. Great for use in difficult lighting situations.
  • Averages color temperature of all light in a given scene
  • Provides accurate white balance measurement
  • Works with any digital camera that has manual white balance feature
We have the cap in sizes from 58-77mm and for only $9.99, it's a perfect add-on gift for any DSLR owner. And if you'd like to know how to white-balance with the cap, just ask any of our CWS salesmen and we'll be happy to show you how! Tomorrow, we'll suggest you go "rouge" with our 2nd stocking stuffer item...Till then, happy shopping and we hope you make CWS one of your stops!

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