Every camera you buy here at CWS comes with a camera strap, but more often than not they are basic cotton/nylon web straps that are a tad uncomfortable & scream the camera brand you bought. Wouldn't you want a camera strap that's functional with a little bit of swag and swagger as well?

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CWS Holiday Gift Item(s) #8 are the camera straps that are made by this cool company called Capturing Couture from sunny California. They hark back to a time when straps were colorful and expressive and truly original. And they have partnered with a great photo charity called Flashes Of Hope to help childhood cancer patients. For every strap that is sold, a portion of the purchase is sent to this fine charity. Prices of these beautiful straps start at $39.00. Come in and take a look at a fashion accessory that will scream YOU rather than Nikon, Canon or Sony!

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