This was a big week for new camera introductions. First, we had 7 new Nikon Coolpixs come into the market. Now Olympus has introduced the E-PL1, their new Micro 4/3rd compact DSLR. A more affordable version of the E-P1 & 2, it has added a much requested feature that it's siblings does not have - a built in pop up flash. But to make to the sub $600 level ($599 to be exact), it is a little more streamlined with a smaller (2.7 inch) LCD screen, reduced ISO levels to 3200 and a maximum shutter speed of 1/2000 of a second. But for the novice DSLR or EVIL owner, this camera will have LOADS to offer, including a Live Guide mode that will simplify & take the guess work of settings such as f-Stops, shutter speeds & white balance.  The E-PL1 will be available sometime in March. A more detailed description of the E-PL1's features can be found by clicking to Olympus' webpage of the camera shown below. Next week, we'll cover Olympus new 30x zoom hybrid point & shoot and other new products!

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