We had a great start to our classes last Thursday and this week, we'll be covering mirrorless cameras in our "Mirrorless Camera Basics" class this coming Thursday (1/16) at 6:30 PM.


If you purchased a Nikon 1, Sony NEX, Olympus PEN, Fuji X-Series or Canon M mirrorless camera from us, or own one and have some questions, this is the perfect class for you! Learn how to get out of the "AUTO" mode and use your camera for it's optimum results! That's this Thursday (1/16) at 6:30 PM at the back of the store.

The PMA/CES trade show took place last week in Las Vegas, and along with it some interesting camera introductions. Click here for a summary of the best of those introductions from PopPhoto!

(Photo By Fred Bonilla)

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