Do you remember the part of the classic film "Jaws" when Roy Schnieder peers out at the size of the shark they were supposed to kill? He glared amazingly at Robert Shaw & said the classic line: "We're gonna need a bigger boat!". Well, one thing we noticed as the holiday selling season has gone into full speed is that mirrorless cameras are catching on! With the advent of the Nikon1 camera system (shown below), and increased sales of the Olympus PEN and Sony NEX cameras, there is a new niche of camera we're showing to our customers with added frequency. And with that comes the need to educate our customers the basics of how to use these amazing cameras. So, we've added a new class to our class schedule when start again in the new year. Any CWS customer can come for free for a special one hour class especially devoted for the mirrorless camera owner. It will take place on Thursday, January 12th at 6 PM as part of our 2 class evening (Digital Point & Shoot Basics will follow this class at 7PM). While the Basic DSLR class covers most of the topics that a mirrorless camera owner needs, there are unique features a mirrorless camera possesses that warrants an hour of it's own.  Check out the schedule to the right of this blog post for our class schedule thru the 1st week of March including a Photo Basics Class in Spanish! Starting Monday (12/12), we'll suggest some accessories and stocking stuffers for the holidays that any shutterbug would love - See you then and remember, we'll be open on Sunday (12/11  & 12/18) from 12-5 for your shopping pleasure!

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