We thank the students that came to our Mirrorless Camera class last Thursday; we'll have this class again in the fall. It was lots of fun and we're sure that the attendees will get more out of their new gear! And for our camera specific class this coming Thursday, we're having our quarterly 90 minute class on Nikon's most popular DSLR's!
If you bought a D3100 or 5100 (or a new D3200 or D5200), this class is for you! Come join us this Thursday (6/27) for 90 minutes of specific instruction on these very cool cameras ! We start this class at the special time of 6 PM. And for those of you who have just bought or received a camera for graduation or Mother's/Father's Day, popphoto.com has offered a primer on what to do once you've gotten your shiny new camera in hand called "7 Tips For Getting The Most Out Your 1st DSLR". Some of the tips are obvious (at least, skim the instruction manual for one) but the most important tip shared is what we emphasize in our classes; switch out of the auto mode!  Come and get some cool photo knowledge just in time for summer! Have a wonderful weekend & remember, we're closed on Saturday and open Sunday 10-6.
(Photo by Fred Bonilla)

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