Join us this Sunday October 26th for our Sony Demo Day. Sony Technical Rep Jon Helgason will be here to show off their new wares before the Photo Plus Expo & he will be teaching a special Mirrorless Camera Basics Class from 2 to 3PM.
Private Photography Tutoring Available - In Time For The Holidays!Camera Wholesalers now offers private, one on one lessons in photography.
  • Reach the next level in photography with a special tutoring lesson.
  • Learn the basics, or learn advanced techniques in photo composition, lighting and more.
  • Each session is geared to your specific level and goes at your own pace, so you can reach your highest potential.
  • We offer every type of lesson, from beginner to advanced. Brush up just before the holidays for your best photos ever!
Special introductory price of only $79.95 per session. Call us at 203-357-0467 or respond to this email to schedule your own one on one session.
Our instructor: Fred Bonilla

Upcoming Classes & Events

There’s a lot going on at Camera Wholesalers! Mark your calendars for the exciting classes & events listed below.
October 30th,  6:30 - 7:30 PM Infant ,Baby & Child Photography Class -  Join Fred for this interesting and informative class on how to shoot great infant and small child photos. We will cover basic lighting techniques, interesting posing ideas, and camera angle and composition basics. Don’t let this be a frustration for you or the kids. We promise we will make it fun for everyone and get great shots.
November 6th , 6-7:30 PM 90 Minute Class On Nikon's Advanced Amateur  DSLR'S - If you own a D5200 (D5300) or D7000 (D7100) or similar camera, this class is for you! Join us as we explore the newest techniques & maximize the benefits of these cameras
November 13th 7-9:00 PM At The Italian Center of Stamford A Family Storytelling Seminar Through Photography Seminar With Olympus Visionary Anne Day -Our last scheduled class of the year will be perfect for anyone interested in getting great family shots for the holidays & beyond. Admission & parking is free but reservations are required. Please call us at (203) 357-0467 or e-mail us at for reservations and more information.

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