It's the 11th day of Christmas & I'm sure that there's a number of you that wish that your true love (or someone!) would give you a hand with the camera you got for Christmas! No worries, for our photo classes for 2014 are starting up again this Thursday (January 9th) and we're ready and eager to help!


We have 2 classes this coming Thursday; our "Digital Point & Shoot Basics Class "which is from 6 to 7 PM, followed by our "Digital SLR Basics Class" from 7 to 8 PM. Those of you who bought a Sony NEX, Olympus PEN, Nikon 1 or Fuji X Series Camera will have a special "Mirrorless Camera Basics"  class the following Thursday (1/16) at 6:30 PM. We will also have 2 special 90 minute classes this month; On January 23rd, we will have a special 90 minute class on the 2 new Canon cameras sold this holiday season, the Rebel SL1 and the EOS 70D will  start at 6:30. We will be joined by our Canon tech rep Jared Powers this evening. And on January 30th, it'll be Nikon's turn with a special 90 minute class on the Nikon D3200/D5100/D5200/D5300 which will also start at 6:30 PM.

All classes are free to CWS customers who bought a camera or lens within the last calender year. If you didn't but would like to join us anyway, you can attend for only $35.00. Please take advantage of these special classes to learn how to get out of "auto" and use your camera to it's fullest potential! Please click here for our class link which will show you which classes will be offered in February as well! Each of the different camera manufacturers will have a class during the year and among the other topics covered will be Action & Sports Photography, Baby & Child Photography, a special class for Seniors and even a class on Better Smartphone Photos. We are also working on 2 special off-site classes in the spring so keep an eye on our blog or sign up for our e-mail blasts which will keep you up to date on our sales and special events!

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