You have a wonderful DSLR and having great results shooting outside. You're ready to start doing some serious indoor shooting; like portraits, but are perplexed by the daunting world of lighting?  Then this seminar is for you!

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“Photo Lighting Basics Made Easy” is a great interactive class that will take some of the mystery out of lighting. We will discuss the different types of light and their properties; including color temperature, specularity and intensity.

We will cover different types of lighting sources: electronic flash, both tungsten and daylight fluorescent continuous light, and how to control those lights with light modifiers, including collapsible reflectors, umbrellas and soft boxes. You'll get some great tips and demonstrations on how to manipulate these lights.

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Requirements: Bring your DSLR camera, with a mid range zoom lens, so you can learn first hand and see the results of different techniques and light modifiers. A lighting set-up and live model will be provided so you can get the most out of this informative seminar.

Attendees should have a basic understanding of manual exposure and be able to set their DSLR for “custom” white balance.

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Level: Intermediate beginner through advanced.

Location & Time - Wednesday Evening March 25th, 2015 from 7-9 PM at The Italian Center of Stamford - 1620 Newfield Avenue

Admission - $19.95 with the attendee receiving a $20.00 certificate for use at Camera Wholesalers (valid through 5/31/15).

Our Instructor: David Piazza

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Gaining a love for photography during high school, David Piazza received formal photographic training at Newcastle Polytechnic in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. With over 30 years of experience in the photographic industry, shooting weddings, portraits, event photography and managing color labs, and presently Westcott Technical Advisor, David has also had the unique opportunity of working with the most renowned photographers in our industry today.  David will walk you step by step through the basics of image capture and lighting into some of the most desired lighting techniques.

Special pricing for FJ Westcott lighting products will be available the week of 3/22 to 3/27.

We will begin taking reservations for this class on Monday, January 19. Please call us at (203) 357-0467 during our normal business hours or e-mail us at

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