Looking for a gift for that skateboarding, mountain biking, cliff rappeling, BMX riding,  trail hiking, scuba diving, boogie boarding and downhill/cross county skier on your gift list?  We have JUST the thing from them! It's called the ContourROAM! The ContourROAM is the ideal camera for a fun and easy experience capturing your adventures anywhere life takes you. Just slide the record switch and you're instantly filming beautiful HD video. The award-winning design is tough, compact, waterproof to one meter, and versatile which means you can use your ContourROAM anywhere, anytime and capture all the action you want. Shooting video should be simple and fun. With the ContourROAM, we've introduced one-step recording. Just slide the record switch, and you're instantly filming. Easy as that. It's the ideal camera for a fun, stress-free experience capturing your adventures anywhere life takes you. The ContourROAM is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, with a sleek, award-winning design and a laser that helps you level the camera and get the right shot every time. The ContourROAM records the action with a 170° super wide-angle lens, capturing all the backgrounds and peripheral moments that can be missed with a narrower field of view. Sophisticated camera technology automatically adjusts the exposure and white balance, ensuring crisp, beautiful video every time. You can choose between three different video resolutions, 720p, 960p and 1080p, or shoot 5 megapixel photos enabling you greater creative flexibility. No need to worry about your camera surviving your next big water adventure, the ContourROAM is waterproof to one meter. A sealed gasket protects the camera's insides, allowing you to catch the action under water or in the rain, sleet, or snow. For full submersion sports, such as scuba diving or wakeboarding the ContourROAM Waterproof Case provides totally dryness up to 60 meters beneath the surface. Mud. Dirt. Snow. Rain. The places you roam can be some of the roughest places on earth. The ContourROAM is made to withstand encounters with everything from eating mud puddles, to monster barrels at Teahupoo, to drops down the Khumbu Icefall. The rugged aluminum body withstands serious abuse, while the waterproof design keeps everything safe and dry up to one meter. Here's what you get for $199...
  • ContourROAM Camera
  • Rotating Surface Mount
  • Profile Mount
  • USB Cable
There are a number of cool accessories available for the ContourROAM, including a waterproof case, mounts for most anywhere you want to the camera onto and more. For a pretty comprehensive review of this camera  (including video footage) , go to this link from computer/tech guide site theverge.com: http://www.theverge.com/2011/10/24/2506720/contour-roam-review So, come in to take a look or buy a ContourROAM and accessories for that skateboarding, mountain biking, cliff rappeling, BMX riding... Oh,well, you know who it's for & they'll LOVE IT! And for the globetrotter who interested in this type of camera, we offer the ContourGPS, a model like the ContourROAM that geotags as well for $299.95. Here's info on this model from Contour's website: http://contour.com/products/contour-gps .

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