Our CWS Stocking Stuffer #6 ,The Gary Fong Puffer mounts in the hot-shoe slot of digital cameras with a pop-up flash, greatly softening and enhancing the quality of light. It's great for portraits, grab-shots of people and closeups of objects (great for e-bay photos!) It packs up nice and small for convenient storage in your camera bag (or pocket!) and has eight different mounting positions for the perfect fit for any popup flash camera. If you use your popup flash with a wide angle lens and shade, you've probably seen a really weird half-circle dark shadow at the bottom of your image. That's the shadow from your lens shade. When you put on the Puffer diffuser, the shadow is nearly eliminated. Provides professional-style diffused lighting from your camera’s pop-up flash Softens camera’s harsh direct flash Reduces harsh shadows Ingeniously mounts via the camera’s flash shoe Adjustable for center positioning of any pop-up flash regardless of size Works in any camera mode (ex: Program, Aperture priority, etc.)  They're available in a model for Canon,Nikon, Olympus and other DSLRs & a special model for Sony Alpha cameras for only $19.99! Lucky CWS Stocking Stuffer #7  will be unveiled tomorrow!  We've gotten last minute shipments from Nikon, Sony, Canon and others so we're ready for you last minute shoppers! See you soon!

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