RAW? Isn't that a wrestling show on USA Network? (What's That # 5)

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Most of us are familiar with JPEG, the standard file format that is commonly used in our digital cameras. But as you scan your DSLR menus, you come upon the option of shooting in RAW. Every week, I get the question "What's RAW & should I shoot this way?"  First off, there's been a raging argument ever since digital cameras have been invented whether you should shoot in JPEG as opposed to RAW (or both!) On JPEG's corner, we have Ken Rockwell! : http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/raw.htm And on the RAW corner, Charlie Sorrel from Wired.com! http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2008/05/why-you-should/ And for a great explanation of the 2 formats, check this out: http://digital-photography-school.com/raw-vs-jpeg Here's my take on the matter: The 2 formats should not been seen as opponents in a megapixel death cage match! There are applications where both can be used. For most of our customers, using JPEG is just fine, since the image is ready to go, easily transmittable & immediately suitable for printing, sharing, or posting on the Web. However, for critical use and manipulation with software like Photoshop or for an image that will be enlarged & perhaps exhibited, then RAW's the way to go. My thanks to the following sources above for assisting in making this hot topic easier to understand. Next question to answer is "How exactly should I hold my camera?" That's on Wednesday...

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