Here's a nice stocking stuffer that's versatile & a cool gift for anyone!- The Joby Gorillatorch! gtorchThe Gorillatorch is an adjustable and flexible tripod flashlight that secures to virtually any surface and allows you to cast a focused beam of intense light anywhere and everywhere. Use it in ways you could never use a traditional flashlight: pop it under the car hood when checking the engine, attach it to the bedpost for lights out reading, secure it to a tree branch to illuminate your campsite, or straighten the legs and use it as a handheld while walking the dog.  The possibilities are endless! Flexible, wrappable legs and powerful magnetic feet allow you to attach the Gorillatorch to just about anything, letting you illuminate any target while keeping your hands free. You can get up to 80 hours of powerful CREE LED lighting that provides a maximum output of 65 lumens and it has a dimmer switch to control the power and brightness with a simple twist. Compact & water resistant, this little wonder is a welcome addition to a photographer's camera bag or ANYONE! We have Gorillatorches in stock for $29.95 and is just the latest product from the Joby Gorillapod line of compact, flexible camera supports. Come on in or call us for more details. You can see the whole Gorillapod family at and keep checking back for more holiday gift ideas from now till Christmas EVE!

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