newpricingIt's starting to get a little warmer outside & the signs that spring's coming are here (we can see the ground without any snow, right? 50 Degrees today? Spring Training ? YEAH!!!). So can we ask you a little question? Have you printed out your holiday & winter pictures yet? We know, many of you haven't. No time, you've got them stored in your computer, the economy... But we have 3 reasons why NOW is the best time to get your favorite shots developed & printed at Camera Wholesalers... Our 4x6 prints are now only 19 cents each! Come in and use our easy to use kiosks or order them thru the web using our Photolaunch online photo service! Matte or Glossy, With border or without...Now only 19 cents each! No Limit! NO compromise on quality or customer service - With everyone cutting back , it's easy and tempting for others to cut back or cut corners on printing and processing. But we at CW know that you know the difference in the photograph you get here and what you get from a drugstore or super shop, never mind the online photo services. And if you don't, here's why: each image is individually analysed and corrected before printing and then double checked before it goes in your envelope. And we use only the best available paper & chemistry in the market. It also helps that we have the 2 best technicians around, Erik & Rebecca that care to only give you the best your photos have to offer. That combination assures you that your precious photos are in the BEST of hands. But don't take our word for it. We challenge you; Bring any 5 4x6 photos processed from ANY drugstore, super store or online service. We will print again them for you at NO CHARGE & show you the CW difference. You' ll be glad you did. We'll Help You!!! Even as digital cameras have become the norm, you may still have some misconceptions or fears about how to best use your little filmless wonder. First of all, each camera should have a sticker on the box that says  "NO COMPUTER NECESSARY!". Sure, your home PC unlocks all the great things your camera can do, but you can STILL bring your card in, just like a roll of film & get PICTURES! Just come in, & we'll show you how... And for those of you who insist that a megapixel is a tiny multivitamin  and think a firewire is called that because it's hot to the touch, we HEAR ya & we want to help with " I have a Digital Camera, What do I do now?", a FREE beginner class on the basics of digital photography available to any past or future CW customer who has purchased a point & shoot digital camera from us. Details to come. C'mon, set your Christmas photos FREE ! We're eager to see you soon!

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