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Happy Birthday, Photoshop (20 already!) and more...

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Twenty years ago tomorrow, the introduction by Adobe of a "creative photographic display program" that they hoped to sell 500 copies a month in it's infancy will be celebrated. It has become the most transformative piece of image editing software ever released & has changed the way we look at photography forever. Yes, tomorrow is Photoshop's 20th birthday! (Photo of Photoshop V1.0 courtesy of Adobe) The effects of Photoshop & it's numerous applications have been profound; the seamless addition or removal of people (or anything, for that matter!) from a photograph, the smoothing of a model's skin to silky perfection & the repair...

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Nikon 5000 DSLR in the rumor mill.

Posted by 5 on has some speculative specs for Nikon's new, entry-level digital SLR. An articulated arm on the lcd, high iso and hd movie mode seem to be the highlights.  It's an interesting site, check out the article here. Also, on the site, Nikon is going to work with Adobe to advance the RAW format. Although I am not quite sure what that means yet, it's nice to see those two companies(whose products we use almost every day) playing nicely!

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