Halloween is one of the best days of the year to get some great pics of family & friends. It falls on a Monday this year, so you may just have the late afternoon & evening to capture the cool Jack O’Lanterns, kids dressed up as witches & warlocks and the scary surroundings in your neighborhood. So, allow us to pass along some tips to help you get some really scary snaps! The web is filled with some funny & informative tip blogs, and this one from Photojojo.com is the best in my eyes in capturing what could be an excellent & unique photo opportunity: http://photojojo.com/content/photojojo-original/halloween-photo-tips/  There are plenty of others and here’s some tips that all blog posts seem to mention: 1. Get out of automatic & hike up the ISO : Halloween is a day that is mostly celebrated in the dark and while most of the newer cameras we own do well in adjusting for dimly lit situations, you can help the camera out by raising the ISO setting to 400 or higher as the day turns to dusk and the fun really begins. Raising the ISO can also allow you to get some photos without using flash, which vampires can tell you REALLY spoils the mood. 2. Don’t Forget “Before & After”!:  If you’re snapping shots of  your kids in their mask & costume, take a second photo without the mask(s) on so that in years to come, you can identify the Power Ranger or Princess behind the costume and perhaps have a shot you can use for holiday cards! 3. Use a flashlight! – You’re bringing one along to guide the way while trick or treating at night ; Why not use it for an eerie and fun lighting effect along the way by lighting the kids (or yourselves – why should they have all the fun?) from one side or from below.  (WHOOOOOOOOO!) and finally, 4. Get Down & Get Close! – Add some drama & pizazz to your photos by filling up your viewfinder or shooting screen with those scary faces  & change your shooting angles for added effect. I've had some folks who want to take photos of Jack O'Lanterns, so here's a post from last year with tips on taking the "Perfect Jack O'Lantern"- http://www.camerawholesalers.com/?p=2536 .  If you need more tips on taking great pictures, we have 3 more Thursday night classes left for the year, perfect for DSLR owners would want take the next step with their cameras. And to everyone out there, our wishes for a Safe & Happy Halloween! More info on our Olympus Demo Sales days on Monday!

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