Attention female photographers… Are you tired of all those look alike tough-guy camera bags? Looking for something with a feminine flair? Tamrac’s new camera bag series called "The Aria" is designed for female photographers who want to carry their camera equipment stylishly and discreetly! These bags have a timeless look and strike the perfect balance between elegance and functionality. They are made from a rich, smooth, water-resistant nylon fabric that feels like silk & provide discreet protection for a camera and lenses without advertising what's inside. The Aria 3 (shown above) is a stylish handbag-style camera bag that holds a DSLR with a lens attached, an extra lens & a flash. The slightly larger Aria 6 (shown below) also features an internal compartment to hold the iPad.  Both models have a pleated, zippered front pocket to hold personal accessories, a wallet and keys. There are nice slim side pockets that will accommodate a phone or iPod, while an open back pocket lets you store paperwork that can be easily accessed. This lets you carry all your usual handbag items along with your camera gear. The Aria bags are carried by its shoulder strap that comes with a sliding pad for maximum comfort. Tamrac supports the bag with it's traditional five-year warranty and come in Black , Brown and a stylish Moss Green (not shown). The Aria 3 sells for $79.95 & The Aria 6 sells for $99.95 and we have both of them in stock right here at Camera Wholesalers!

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