This winter has been brutal on a number of fronts and cabin fever has been one of the residual results. Social media has been coming up with a number of diversions to pass the time 'till the day the snow FINALLY begins to melt and it had me thinking of a particular way of us having some fun and one of our CWS customers winning a pass to our "Macro Workshop" on March 23rd....


Sports radio and other media came up with this idea; what if you could pick 4 pro basketball players to be immortalized on a basketball "Mount Rushmore"  of the best of all time! Who would you pick? (For would have to be Lebron, Magic, Bill Russell & of course number 23, Michael Jordan!). The discussion and debate was wild & lots of fun! And it could be applied to just about any field (Did you know that Time Magazine just reported that the "Kit-Kat is the most influential candy bar of all time?!? Snickers came in FIFTH!).

And so, we would like to ask all of you in CWS land..If there would be 4 photographers you would put in a "Mount Rushmore" of the greatest photographers of all time, who would you pick? Just send us your choices (and why, if you wish...) to by March 15th. Every entry will be entered in our drawing box and one will be randomly selected to win a pass to join us on Sunday, March 23rd for our Sigma sponsored Hands-On Macro Workshop (and a $20 CWS gift certificate to boot!) If you can't think of 4, your one favorite will be fine,too! 

Of course, you would need a rudimentary knowledge of photographers and their images, so here's a great article that can give you a hand in narrowing down your choices. But please feel free to pick outside the list; from Annie to Avedon, it's your prerogative! Good Luck!And, of course, we will share the results and some of the entrys as we go along. Let's have some fun and send us your choices! BTW, we have a doubleheader of classes tomorrow night with our DSLR Basics class (rescheduled from last Thursday) from 6-7 PM & our Action & Sports Photo class from 7 to 8. Come join us!

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