First, a correction on a previous post... We incorrectly stated the location for our "Evening with John Issac". The correct location for the venue is the The Turn of River Firehouse Auditorium at 268 Turn of River Road in Stamford. The post below now has the corrected address. Our 2010 Tent Sale festivities begin on Thursday night September 30th with our Sports and Action Photography Seminar with CWS in house photo educator Fred Bonilla. A big shout out to all photographers out there that have struggled with getting a good photo of your kids in their sporting events. Or you're a new mom or dad with a 2 ( or 4) legged loved one that won't sit still! By gently getting you out of the automatic mode and showing you a few easy tips, we guarantee that your photos will be better by sitting in on this fun & informative hour. Tell your friends to join us at 7 PM this coming Thursday night, right here at the store. (It's Free!)  Don't forget to bring your cameras!

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