"For years, photographers have been bracing for this moment, warned that the last rites will be read for photography when video technology becomes good enough for anyone to record. But as this Fourth of July showed me, I think the reports of the death of photography have been greatly exaggerated".
Thus starts an interesting blog post from Sunday's New York Times which states what been obvious to many photographers and especially to all of us here at Camera Wholesalers;  that photography will always hold a special place to all who have taken or seen a photograph and does so in a manner that video can never do.
We can always hold a snippet of video that records a special moment dear to our hearts, but if a photo of that same moment is taken, it resonates in a totally different way. Click above to see why. And while you're at it, if you need some assistance in capturing great photos & video with your camera this summer, consider joining us for our basic camera classes coming up this Thursday (7/11 -Digital Point & Shoot Basics at 6:30 PM) and the following Thursday (7/18 -Digital SLR Basics which starts at 6:30 PM as well). Learn how to use your camera effectively so you can capture all of your special summer events & more! And if you need a camera, there are still great summer savings on PowerShot point & shoot and EOS Rebel DSLR cameras from Canon. Click here for a promotions link from Canon USA.
(Photo By Fred Bonilla)

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