We are VERY excited at the new crop of cameras & other goodies that will be the talk of the fall & holiday season. And the  very best place to touch, see and BUY them will be at our upcoming Tent Show (Our 20th!) on October 9th-11th. Canon's G11, the newest of their very popular G series cameras will be shown, as well as the new Eos 7D.  Leica's M9  (see post below) will also be on display, as well as the newest point & shoots, such as the Nikon Coopix S10000PJ with built in PROJECTOR! (check out our previous post on this camera, as well) Plus the latest from Sony, Olympus, Casio, Panasonic & more!  You can be Anna Wintour for a couple of days as everybody who is anybody in photography will be showing their fall collections! (Sunglasses optional...) And haute couture aside, they will be available at the LOWEST prices of the year! So don't forget,  October 9th thru 11th! We'll save you a front row seat!!!

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