We got a great response when we posted the Sony TX-1 last week and most everyone agreed that it's a great camera ( Bought some too, thank you!). Some folks, however asked if there's a camera we recommend that's feature laden AND a little nicer on the wallet. Yes, we do, and it's called the Casio EX-S5... The EX-S5 offers 10 Megapixel Resolution, a 3x optical zoom & a bright 2.7 inch LCD Screen .  The S5's 10 million pixels high resolution quality maximizes clarity so detailed moments are captured the way you envisioned. And 23 Best Shot Modes help the user take high-quality images without having to adjust the camera settings. This ultra-thin, state-of-the art digital camera features YouTube™ Capture Mode and iTunes Compatible Video Format. Upload your videos to YouTube instantly and share them with others. And with the wide 2.7" Super Clear LCD, the S5 has creates a whole new viewing experience when taking pictures. With the high contrast and highest brightness, the new Super Clear LCD lets you see your shots better than ever, from any angle. There are SO many other features that I don't have space here to list them all! Here's Casio's webpage on the camera: take a look, then check out our special on this camera: http://exilim.casio.com/products_exs5.shtml Now, here's the deal... We are selling the Casio S5 in a kit which includes a Casio ESC-80 case AND a 4gb SD memory card for only $129! It comes in 5 colors- Silver, Blue, Pink, Black & Purple (not shown).  This is a GREAT deal from a camera company that has ranked 1st or 2nd in customer satisfaction from J.D. Power & Associates 5 years running! Yet supplies are limited, so come in or call us @ 877ecamera!

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