evilSince the beginning of time, photo folks have loved to give acronyms for many of their products. And thankfully so 'cause as a result, a single lens reflex camera can be referred to as an "SLR", image stabilization is simply "I.S." and years ago, we didn't have to snicker when someone asked for advanced photo system film. "A.P.S " would do just fine, thank you... As we enter 2010, the current crop of sleek,new mirrorless D-SLRs (see, we love acronyms!) like the Olympus EP-1 & 2 and the Panasonic G series cameras are going to be a big factor in the future of digital photography. But what do we call them? Leave it to Charlie Sorrel from Wired magazine to come up with a logical acronym that we hope would catch on, if only to come up with cool ways to say it. In his article on wired.com, find out about the 5 reasons you should ditch your digital SLR  & buy an" Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens" camera. Or, to use an acronym, an EVIL camera! We'll speak about these cameras, as well as any questions you may have at our DSLR mini-class on Thursday (the 21st) at 7PM. We're looking forward to see you then!

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