Folks come in sometimes with wads of clipped out articles, filled with what a certain someone in an article recommends for this holiday season. Allow us at Camera Wholesalers to cut thru all that jazz (thank you, Bob Fosse!)  and give you the (very abridged) list of recommended gift items by the 3 most highly regarded purveyors of fashion & taste.DSC_9974 Martha Stewart Living says in the December '09 issue that the new camera in her arsenal is the Canon Powershot SD 980,  a great looking 12 megapixel point & shoot with HD video & touch screen technology. (Page 50 of the December '09 issue) Here's a neat little review of the camera: We sell the SD980 after Canon's instant rebate for only $299! (And Martha takes a pretty good picture as well! ; take a look at pg 190-191  of the December '09 issue!) Canon-s90As for David Pogue of the N.Y. Times, he recommends what he (and Ken Rockwell,too!)  calls "the best pocket camera ever made",  The Canon Powershot  S90 ! . It is an impressive piece of machinary with a fast 2.0 lens and a large photo sensor for extraordinary pictures! We sell the S90 (in limited supplies so HURRY!) for $399! TS1d_slantAnd finally, O magazine (yes, that O!)  in her holiday gift finder recommends the Panasonic TS1, a point & shoot that "takes a licking but keeps on clicking: It's the first-ever HD model that's dustproof, waterproof (to ten feet), and shockproof (up to a five-foot drop)! . We sell the TS1 for $329.95! So there; we just saved you some precious time that you would've otherwise spent poring thru magazines & blogs! With the time saved, you can come in & pick up any of the 3 forementioned cameras and perhaps some of the other gift items we've been recommending in our blog! Only 9 shopping days left (no pressure, we're open all those days!), so come in or call today! And we'll have a couple more gift ideas coming up, so keep an eye out right here from now till Christmas Eve!

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