Duly noting that David Letterman hasn't come up with a list like this before, our friends at Photo District News have compiled a list of the Top 20 Songs about Photography! It a rather eclectic  list covering 5 decades (from Willie Nelson to Lady Gaga!) and can you guess which were the top 3?  Here they are:              #3. The Who – Pictures of Lily         #2. The Cure – Pictures of You      and #1. Paul Simon – Kodachrome! Mama, Don't Take My Kodachrome Away... by TW Collins. (Photo courtesy of  Aperture Science Lab) You can see the list at: http://www.pdnpulse.com/2009/07/pdns-top-20-songs-about-photography.html It goes to show that anything that brings out great emotions results in great songs over the years. Strangely omitted are 2 of my favorites: Nickleback's "Photograph" from a couple of years ago & a super song from my youth and a great piece of advice from Rod Stewart (1974): Every Picture Tells A Story (Don't It?). What's yours?  Is it on the list? Send me a note at sales@ camerawholesalers.com. We'll post some of your faves!

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