About once a month or so , we get someone who comes into the store, horrified & in obvious distress. After giving them a paper bag so they don't hyperventilate, they inform us that ALL their vacation (grandchild's recital, holiday party shots, chance photos they took with a celebrity, etc) are gone & they don't know why... There are 2 ways this can happen; You've mistakenly hit the "erase all" icon instead of erasing the one particular picture you wanted to delete or, you formatted your memory card while the images were still in the card. In both cases, the images are gone. Or are they??? There is a way that you can get back those photos you deleted. It's called" image restoration" & we offer that service in our photo lab. Just bring us the card and for $24.95, we'll restore the images that were previously on your  memory card & put them on a CD for you for archival purposes. We have an 85-90% success rate of restoring your images and we're told that there's something you can do to greatly increase your chances of restoring your shots;  If you stop using the card once you've noticed the card is erased and no other pictures are taken, it helps your chances of getting your photos back! So if this were to happen to you, fear  not; we can help! The next question we get, and the next one we'll cover is "What is formatting & why do you need to do it?" We'll answer that on Friday! A side note: Pro Photographer  (and CWS friend) Tim Coffey was featured last Sunday in the Advocate, highlighting his portraits of Connecticut politicians that just went on exhibit at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. To see a slide show of "The Arts of Politics", you can go to Tim's website: http://www.timcoffey.com/index.htm

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