It's not every day I can highlight The Flip's new HD video camera & quote the Goo-Goo Dolls at the same time, so allow me to introduce you to The Slide! The Flip SlideHD is the all-new camcorder from Flip Video that lets you shoot, show and share HD video in a fun new way. SlideHD captures up to four hours of HD video and features a slideable 3-inch widescreen for instant watching. Plus, SlideHD stores up to 12 hours of content, allowing you to take your favorite videos with you anywhere you go. SlideHD also comes equipped with pre-loaded FlipShare software, which makes it easy to organize, create and share your videos. The SlideHD also features HDMI output for watching HD video directly on your HDTV. Whether you're hanging out at home with the kids, enjoying a late Saturday night with friends, or jet-setting across the world, your SlideHD lets you capture all the action. We sell the Flip SlideHD in white (as shown) for $279.95. Next time you're at the store, ask us to show you how easy the Slide and other Flip video cameras are to use & enjoy! We also have a full range of Sony Bloggie and Cybershot camcorders as well from $199 and up, so come in!

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