Among the cool new products to arrive at Camera Wholesalers recently, this is among the coolest! With the The Eye-Fi 8GB Explore X2 SDHC wireless memory card, you get faster Wi-Fi transfer speeds for photo and video uploads from your camera to your computer and an online site of your choice. The card's built-in, powerful wireless capability and Class 6 read and write speed provides effortless upload of your photos--even while traveling. And the Explore X2 automatically records the location of each photo, so you'll never forget where your pictures were taken. The Explore X2 works with most cameras on the market today, including Canons, Nikons, Casios, Sonys, and more. Just last Thursday, David Pogue in his article & blog spot in the New York Times ( mentioned that "these SD cards not only have a Wi-Fi radio that enables them to automatically upload photos to your computer or a photo-sharing site like Flickr, but they also have a geo-tagging feature that adds location coordinates to the image’s EXIF data. Mr Pogue also writes that "until camera makers put GPS receivers in mainstream cameras, the Eye-Fi cards are the simplest way to pinpoint locations where photos are taken. If geo-tagging photos is important to you, they’re worth looking into." So whether if it's the wireless uploading feature or the geotagging, this card is clearly the next step in memory storage for your camera! We sell the the 8GB Explore 2 card for $99.95 and  the PRO X2 card which also allows for ad hoc uploading of photos to your laptop for $149.95. For more info on these cards, please go to the following link from Eye-Fi:

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