As promised, here's the second in a series of articles on cool new features on today's digital cameras. Today, how about of a series of point & shoots with built in "beauty enhancement software"? Go ahead & say it: You Don't Say! What does it exactly do, you ask?  Well, according to Olympus:  "The new Beauty mode brightens human skin by one tone and provides a softer, smoother texture to create a more attractive, impressive appearance. When this mode is used in picture playback, it makes the reproduced faces more vivid by imaging the eyes more prominently and enhancing the light entering the pupils as if an eye catch-light was used. The Beauty mode is based on the face detection function and does not alter the brightness of the background. It enables taking beautiful portraits by softening shadows and smoothing wrinkles and blemishes on the subject's face. Edits can also be made inside the camera after taking the picture". Wow! Once taken, the picture tranforms into the new, retouched image before your eyes as you watch on the rear LCD screen. Olympus cameras that feature the Beauty Mode include the Stylus Tough 6000 & 8000, the 26X zoom SP-590UZ & their new Micro 4/3  E-P1 .  Curious? Come on in & allow us to show you how this feature works.olympus-s6000t-scr4 Next week, we'll tell you about a feature that corrects dark pictures  IN THE CAMERA before you print or download it! (You Don't Say!) And don't forget our Thursday night mini class (a great success, thanks to you!) Tomorrow night, Fred (subbing for Jason, who is away at the anuual PRO convention in Palm Springs) will be going over the basics of Digital SLR's. That'll be tomorrow night at 7PM. Just come on in!

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