Earlier this week, an executive from phone company giant Nokia made a rather bold statement: that "Fast developing cameraphone technology will shortly make SLR system cameras and even professional cameras obsolete, the sales chief of the world's top cellphone maker said on Tuesday. "They will in the very near future revolutionise the market for system cameras," Anssi Vanjoki said in a speech in Helsinki.  "There will be no need to carry around those heavy lenses," Vanjoki said, pointing to a professional photographer taking pictures of him. In our minds, there's one thing that throws a wrench in his statement; mainly physics... In PopPhoto' s blog which echoed the immediate response among photo enthusiasts, Dan Richards asks you to "consider the current state of the art in system DSLRs: 24-plus megapixels on 24x36mm sensors, ISOs higher than 100,000, burst rates to 10 fps at highest quality. You’re not going to pack that many pixels onto a tiny camera phone sensor any time soon, let alone that kind of processing power. The smallest system cameras today, Micro Four Thirds, go no higher than 12 megapixels, using a sensor more than 10 times the area of a small compact. Image quality goes progressively south as sensor size goes down, primarily due to image noise. This is okay for snapshooters, but not okay for serious amateurs and pros who demand better than good-enough. As PopPhoto Technical Editor Phil Ryan notes, “It’s akin to recorded music. People are willing to put up with inferior audio quality in return for being able to have a ton of music on their iPods. But the sound quality can’t compare to a full stereo system.”And “those heavy lenses” are the other essential for the best photo quality. While tiny lenses can be made to cover a fairly wide zoom range, they can’t provide the edge-to-edge sharpness and speed (f/2.8 and brighter) of today’s DSLR lenses". Here at Camera Wholesalers, we LOVE our phones (Droid vs Iphone is a favorite happy hour argument!) and are amazed with what you can do with them. So while we agree that the advent of  cameraphones have revolutionized the way we take pictures, the day in which phones will REPLACE cameras is not on the horizon. By the way, if you do want to take a decent photo from your current cell phone, click below for our previous blog spot for tips and what to do with the picture once you've taken it: http://www.camerawholesalers.com/?p=830

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