4 Tips on How to Take Great Father's Day Pictures!

O.K. Folks, we covered Mother’s Day and Proms for photo tips & suggestions on our blog so now it’s Dad’s turn and now we'll cover how to get great Father's Day photos!

Father’s Day is another great opportunity to capture photo memories that will last a lifetime.

To capture a creative, fun moment of that special dad in your life, no matter what age the kids are, here are some tips that will capture Dad in his fatherly best!

Whether it’s a posed family shot or a goofy shot of Dad tickling the kids, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture a memory that Dad will print & put on his office desk ( or on his Ipad...it’s a digital age, you know).

From the great photo how-to site iheartfaces.com, here's a cool posing guide on how to capture Dad in a picture that can be presented to him on Father's Day that will be treasured for years to come.

Mom, you'll be the photographer of choice and by just being aware of everyday interaction between Dad & the kids, you'll encounter any number of situations and reactions that will be perfect to capture.

Which ones, you ask? …

Well, how about Dad relaxing or playing with the kids, cooking breakfast or making a snack, helping with homework or reading a bedtime story, a spontaneous cuddle or hug & a piggyback ride or walk on the beach or a park. I'm sure you can think of many more!

If you have an opportunity to do a photoshoot with the kids, here's a great blog post on different photo poses of the kids for Daddy!

All these ideas are fun and fairly easy to do with a little pre-planning. You'll never lose taking pics of the kids with dad's ties or other clothing on. You can do a little photo booth with paper mustaches and other props or using a water-soluble marker for hearts, stars, and other types of (temporary) body art that can profess love for poppa.

Finally, here are some basic tips that apply to almost any type of portrait or family photography & should be useful when shooting Dad & the kids:

  1. Shoot your subjects off-center. Consider moving your subjects slightly off from the center to include more scenic background and space on one side. You’ll be surprised at the results!.
  2. Get closer! Moving in closer to your subjects creates a more personal connection with the person(s) in the photo that is felt when viewing the final image. If you're shooting kids, remember also to get DOWN to their level.
  3. Rotate your camera! Many people tend to only shoot horizontally (landscape orientation) because it feels more natural. However, a great way to get a full-length body shot and to add variety to your images is to rotate your camera vertically to get a portrait view.
  4. Use natural light! Whenever possible, avoid using the on-camera flash. Natural light is always better to create richer images, especially when it comes to photographing people. And consider taking photos at what photographers call 'the golden hours” which are the first hours of sunrise and last hours of sunset.

I hope this helps you capture a photo that will show Dad how much he's appreciated! And to all the dads, grand (and great-grand) dads, step-dads, foster dads, and all men who have shaped the lives of those they cherish and love, Happy Father's Day from everyone at Camera Wholesalers.

(Text by Fred Bonilla - Photo by Me Ra Koh)

Addendum: Pro Photographer & Friend Me Ra Koh just posted her "24 Tips For The Best Father's Day Photos Ever!" blog post on babble.com which is the follow-up to her Mother's Day post we shared last month. With this wealth of knowledge, there is no excuse to take a great photo of/for Dad! If you need additional help, join us on Thursday (6/13) for our DSLR Basics class at 6:30 PM.

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