Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1, 8.4 Megapixel, 4x Optical/4x Digital Zoom, Digital Camera (Silver)


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The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1 Digital Camera has aa resolution of 8.4 megapixels and a true 16:9 CCD for taking wide aspect pictures. This compact camera also features 4x optical zoom, equivalent to 28-112mm on a 35mm camera, and also features Extended Optical Zoom, to bring the photographer even closer to the subject. Like other cameras in the Lumix line, the LX1 incorporates Panasonic's MEGA Optical Image Stabilization, the key to removing unintentional shaking from the picture-taking experience. With MEGA OIS, pictures come out crisp and clear.

For high-speed image processing, the LX1 utilizes the Venus Engine II LSI. It boasts quick responsiveness that realizes best-in-class level release time lag of 0.01 seconds. The LX1 also is the first digital still camera that can record moving images at 848x480 16:9 Wide VGA, as smooth as 30 frames per second. The LX1 offers manual focus and exposure, with both adjustable by an easy-to-use joystick, and a switch lets users choose between 16:9 wide image mode, 3:2 image mode, and 4:3 image, in case a more traditional aspect ratio is desired.

Finally, the 2.5 inch LCD monitor is perfect for reviewing still images, movies, and up to 25 thumbnail images for quick review, turning the LX1 into a digital photo album as well as a fun image capture device.

8.4 Megapixel Resolution

The 1/1.65" diagonal CCD with 8.4 million effective pixels give you superb image quality over a wide shooting range, and can yield photo quality 20x30" prints.

Leica DC Vario-Elmarit 3x Optical Zoom Lens

The Leica DC Vario-Elmarit lens on the DMC-LX1 follows in the Leica tradition of excellence. Although it is small in size, it has a large, bright aperture, meeting Leica's stringent quality standards. A Leica multi-coating process applied to the lens helps to prevent the flare that is caused by fogging, and ghosts that can result from internally reflected light. Even enlarged images captured by the DMC-LX1 are crisp and clear - right to the edges. Plus, you can use the 4x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom together to produce a maximum of 16x zooming power. Furthermore, the Extended Optical Zoom, which minimizes the image degradation that normally occurs with digital zooming, gives you up to 5x additional zooming power.

MEGA Optical Image Stabilizer

The MEGA O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilizer) feature offsets unintentional hand movement while you're taking pictures to give you clear, sharp images even when taking handheld telephoto shots or shooting at night. This optical technology provides precise compensation for movement with no image quality degradation.

2.5" High-Resolution LCD Display

The DMC-LX1 features a 2.5" diagonal high-resolution LCD monitor which is surprisingly large for such a compact camera. This high-quality, display makes it easy to see your subject, and when shooting outdoors on a sunny day, press the Power LCD button to boost the backlighting by about 40% for easier visibility.

Choice of Aspect Modes

A switch at the top of the lens barrel lets you choose an aspect ratio of normal 4:3, wide 16:9, or the 3:2 used in film cameras. A 16:9 image is obtained using the wide-angle lens and large CCD, instead of the conventional method of cropping the top and bottom of a 4:3 image.

Flexible, Single-Switch Focusing

A switch on the side of the lens lets you match the focusing operation to your shot. Choose from 1-point AF (normal or high-speed), 3-point high-speed AF, 9-point AF, Spot AF, AF macro to focus from as close as 0.16feet (5cm) from the subject, or manual focus using the joystick. Focusing is also made easier by the Manual Focus Assist function, which lets you enlarge the center of the LCD image to check the focus, and the AF Assist Lamp for focusing in dimly lit places.

Super-Fast Shutter Response and Consecutive Shooting

Thanks to the Venus Engine II's release time lag of only 0.01 second and shutter interval of around 0.4 second, the DMC-LX1 is super-fast. You can snap consecutive shots at 3 frames per second with full resolution. And with Unlimited Consecutive Shooting, you can keep shooting until the memory card is full.

Record High Quality Moving Images

Record beautiful full-size movie in VGA resolution at 30 fps with enhanced picture quality not only in the resolution but also in the overall brightness level of the image. A built-in speaker lets you enjoy playing back movies with audio on the 2.5" large LCD anytime, anywhere.

Easy-to-use Scene Modes for Wider-ranging Situations

The DMC-LX1S has 12 scene modes to provide the best overall image quality for common shooting situations, such as Portrait, Sports, Scenery, Night Scenery, and more. There are also three added scene modes not available in previous models. "Soft Skin" detects only skin tones and softens detail to produce smoother and more beautiful skin rendition. "Food" catches the natural color of food regardless of the light condition in macro closeup. "Baby" allows easy growth record in which the baby's age, according to preset birthday, would be automatically recorded onto the image, as well as giving a shade of soft focus on the subject. It is easy to select the best scene mode thanks to the Scene Mode Help Screen, that shows the description of each mode on the LCD monitor, helps you to select the mode that best fits the shooting condition.

Bundled Photo Editing Software

In addition to the ArcSoft PhotoImpression, PanoramaMaker, and PhotoBase, The DMC-FX1 includes the Lumix Simple Viewer for Windows. This software is good especially for the beginners to store, playback, print or attach to E-mail the images via the PC. Images will be automatically transferred just by inserting the SD Memory Card into a card reader, or by connecting the camera to PC; and the images will also be sorted by the date of shooting to streamline the process of organizing the pictures as much as possible.

Print Directly From Your Camera

You can send images directly to print, without the need of a PC, when using PictBridge compatible printers.

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