The CW Staff

Tim - Store Manager

Camera Wholesalers Senior Sales Associate.

"I started my love of photography in 1976 when I bought my first camera, a Pentax K1000. I now have over 25 years of experience in the photographic industry" with expertise in :
  • Photographic Darkroom Equipment and Accessories ( remember film?),
  • Binoculars and Telescopes,
  • Photographic Lighting, Strobe (Flash) & Constant Lighting
  • Model and Still-life set ups,
  • Strobist Lighting,
  • Using Diffusers and Reflectors, Backdrops, Umbrellas
  •  Pocket Wizard
  • Tripods and Camera Mounts,
  • Camera Accessories, as well as, Digital Camera Equipment and Accessories.
"Digital has changed the way photographers work, but the equipment to get the job done is still the same, and that's where myself and fellow sales associates knowledge comes in to help you."

Kim - Assistant Manager

Kim has been with Camera Wholesalers since 2002, his fifteen year in photo retail & his twenty sixth in retail sales. Kim has a Bachelor in Science in Business Administration and a Associate Degree in Business Administration. He enjoys a wide variety of interests such as science & arts and design, along with travel and languages, since he is fluent in Spanish in Portuguese.

Lab Technician

With years of experience, is a "Professional Photo Lab Technician", expert on all of our photo lab's complex machinery. Whether you need a poster made or a book printed, a video transferred to DVD or a custom greeting card, He does it all with a keen eye. He is also a professional wedding and event photographer.


With more than 5 years experience in photography and photo development, Stephanie brings new vigor to our sales team. Stephanie has a passion for photography, and love to shoot precious concert shots with friends. She has extensive knowledge is professional photography and is always ready to learn new tricks.