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Panasonic's HDC-HS100 Full-High Definition Camcorder combines the convenience of hybrid recording along with the clarity and beauty of full 1920 x 1080 high definition. Set apart from its companion the HD100, thanks to the 60GB hard drive, the HS100 ensures that you'll have plenty of recording time to capture every remarkable moment. Panasonic's 3MOS image sensor ensures beautiful images with rich, natural color and detail, while the Leica Dicomar lens provides 12x optical zoom. In addition, the iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode offers several features that enhance the HS100, such as Improved Advanced Optical Image Stabilization, Face Detection and the Pre-Rec function.

Panasonic has included the rarely seen features of headphone and microphone jacks on the HS100, sure to please any camcorder buff or aspiring film maker who wants to give their movies that professional feel. The HS100 also boasts features such as a manual ring for more control over manual features, 2.7" LCD display, VIERA Link compatibility for VIERA HDTV playback, Quick Power-On, Digital Cinema Color and editing software for Windows and support for use with iMovie 08 for Apple.

Full 1920 x 1080 High Definition Recording

When recording in HG (high image quality) you can record images in full 1920 x 1080 high definition, affording you the full color and clarity of true HD.

Recording to 60GB HDD & SD/SDHC Memory Cards

Record in true 1920 x 1080 HD to the 60GB hard disk drive or to SD/SDHC memory cards and forget about the hassle of tapes or DVDs.

3MOS Sensor

Panasonic's own 3MOS sensor takes a lesson from Panasonic's 3CCD image sensor by providing you with true-to-life color and clarity in every image, even low light images. The three sensors capture light and break it down into red, blue and green providing you with rich, natural and vibrant images.

SD/SDHC Still & Video Image Capture

Capture all your video and still images directly to SD/SDHC memory cards. Record 1920 x 1080 video and 2.1Mp stills on memory cards up to 16GB.

12x Optical Zoom

The 12x optical zoom allows you to bring those far off subjects up close, for crystal clear recording, without losing image quality.

Microphone & Headphone Jack

Virtually unheard of in the consumer camcorder market, the HS100 features both a microphone and a headphone jack. Hook up these external accessories to the camcorder's cold accessory shoe and enhance your recordings like a pro.

2.7" Wide LCD

The 2.7" Wide LCD display (300,000 dots) provides you with a 170° viewing angle, both horizontally and vertically. Record and playback from any number of angles. This allows everyone crowded around to see your footage, even on sunny days and makes those hard to get shots a possibility.

Improved Advanced Optical Image Stabilizer

The Improved Advanced O.I.S. takes image stabilization to another level. Panasonic's take on what has become an industry standard, ups the benefits by correcting for handshake and sway at a rate of 4,000 times per second. The O.I.S. detects movement and triggers the lens to shift in order to compensate for it in your footage for crystal clear images, free from blur and motion.

Face Detection

By detecting up to 15 faces in a single frame, the HS100 automatically corrects for exposure, contrast, skin complexion, effect and focus, making sure that everyone is in focus and looks their best.

Manual Ring

The Manual ring on the HS100 gives you the ability to adjust for focus, zoom and exposure without having to run through the camera's menu. Instead, you have full access to these manual features on the camera body itself, allowing for easier and quicker adjusting.

VIERA Link Compatibility

VIERA Link compatibility means that you can hook the HS100 up directly to your Panasonic VIERA Link HDTV for instant viewing of all your footage using an HDMI cable. In addition, the camera's SD memory card can be removed and inserted directly into Panasonic PZ850 series HDTVs for viewing as well as the BD50 and BD30 Blu-Ray Disc players.

Intelligent Contrast Control

Panasonic's Intelligent Contrast Control automatically detects ambient light intensity and adjusts the contrast, preventing blown out or darkened images and video.

Intelligent Scene Selection

The Intelligent Scene Selection feature automatically selects the correct scene selection for the shooting conditions, providing the best image possible.

Quick Power-On

Quick Power-On makes sure your camcorder is up and running from standby mode in 1.9 seconds, ensuring that you never miss that once-in-a-lifetime shot again. In addition, using the Quick Power-On features, helps save precious battery life.

Digital Cinema Color

This feature automatically switches the HS100 to the setting for theater-like viewing upon playback in a Panasonic VIERA Plasma HDTV.

Intelligent Shooting Selection Playback

Scenes that are severely flawed, such out of focus scenes or accidental ground shots are automatically skipped upon playback, leaving only your best work to be viewed by friends and family.

High-Speed Burst Shooting

Shoot up to 24 consecutive 2.1Mp still images in one second or up to 72 shots in 3 seconds.

Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel Surround Sound System

Experience crisp, clear 5.1 channel, surround sound upon playback the footage you shot with the HS100.


This pre-record function allows for up to 3 seconds of internal buffer memory recording. When the record button is pushed, the previous three seconds of video are added to the beginning of the recorded scene.

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