Panasonic HDC-SD9 SDHC Flash Memory Camcorder

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  • 1920 x 1080 AVCHD
  • 1/6" 3CCD Image Sensor
  • 10x Optical Zoom
  • Advanced Optical Image Stabilization
  • 2.7" LCD Display
  • 24p Recording
  • Face Detection
  • Intelligent Shooting Guide
  • 1.7 Second Quick Start
  • Records to SDHC Flash Memory Cards

Panasonic's ultra-compact AVCHD HDC-SD9 Flash Memory Camcorder is a true high definition 1920 x 1080 camera. The HDC-SD9 is perfect for traveling because it frees you up from having to carry around extra tapes or DVDs. One 8GB SDHC card will capture up to 80 minutes of video. If you need more recording time just put an extra card or two in your pocket and forget about 'em until you need more storage space. The SD9 also features 24p for recording the moment with that film look.

The 1/6" 3CCD sensor provides high-quality video and 2.1Mp stills while the 10x optical zoom brings your subject up-close and clear. In addition, the Face Detection feature locks in on up to 5 faces for correct exposure, ensuring that your friends and family will look great even when played back on your big-screen TV. The Intelligent Shooting Guide offers suggestions when you need it to improve your recording and the 1.7 second Quick Start lets you start recording in no time so that you never miss the shot. The HDC-SD9 has everything need and then some for excellent movie-making without the hassle of bulky tapes or delicate DVDs.

SDHC Flash Memory Recording

Forget about carrying extra tapes or DVDs with you. The HDC-SD9 records directly to SDHC flash memory cards for up to 80 minutes of footage on an 8GB card. Store your video or 2.1Mp still images on SDHC cards up to 16GB (sold separately). Enjoy fast, easy transfer of files to your PC for emailing, sharing or printing.

1/6" 3CCD Image Sensor

The 1/6" 3CCD image sensor captures accurate, clean video for a beautiful shot every time. The sensor captures 2.1Mp stills.

10x Optical Zoom

The 10x optical zoom brings your subjects in close and clear with no loss in image quality.

24p Recording

With the option to record in 24p you can give all your movies that film-look.

Face Detection

Panasonic's face detection system detects up to five faces at once, correcting for exposure ensuring that you get the clearest shot every time.

Intelligent Shooting Guide

Onscreen prompts tell you when your image needs correction. The following six comments pop up when the camera senses that they're needed: Fast Tilt/Pan, Hand Swing, Back Light needed, Cancel Backlight, Low Light mode needed and Cancel Low Light mode. This function is able to be locked out when you prefer not to use it.

Playback Intelligent Shooting

This guide provides warnings for recorded scenes that could use technical help by indicating: Dark Scene, Fast Tilt/Pan, Hand Swing, Low Light, Ground Shooting and Unfocused. If you choose to re-shoot your footage the camera tells you how to do it better.

1.7 Second Quick Start

With a 1.7 second start-up time you'll be able to get the shot you want without having to wait.

Simultaneous Video & Still Capture

Capture video and still simultaneously with the HDC-HS9 and never miss any moment.

2.7" Wide LCD

The 2.7" widescreen LCD displays is great for composing your shots or for when you want to playback video for friends.

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