Casio Exilim EX-V7SR 7.2MP Digital Camera with 7x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom


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Manufacturer Description Imagine -- one of the world's thinnest 7X optical zoom digital cameras with CCD Shift Stabilization for rock-steady pictures. That's the Casio EX-V7. Less than an inch thick. Packed with powerful, innovative features. Giving you pictures and video beyond compare.

A sophisticated, 7X optical zoom without the bulkiness of other cameras. Processing that automatically reduces noise, stabilizes imagery, even tracks moving objects for crystal-clear action capture.

Your pictures never looked better!

Exilim EX-V7SR Highlights


Super-Bright LCD A super-bright LCD, 3x brighter than previous models, greatly reduces image washouts when shooting outdoors. Amazing contrast so you can compose your shots or review and see it all in greater detail. And a variety of settings add to the versatility. The EX-V7 puts you in control!

4x Image Stabilization System The EX-V7 introduces four innovative technologies to reduce the risk of camera shake when taking still or video images. The camera's CCD Shift Stabilization technology helps create crisp, sharp images by mechanically suspending the CCD reducing the impact of camera shake. Casio's enhanced Anti-Shake DSP combines camera shake technology with motion analysis technology. With this technology the EX-V7 utilizes the most appropriate ISO sensitivity and shutter speed to capture a moving photo subject. When recording in video mode, the EX-V7 utilizes a video stabilization technology, different from CCD Shift or Anti-Shake DSP technology.

Sleek Design

Slim, compact size Smaller than ever -- and less than an inch thick! The Casio EX-V7 has the looks and feel that speak of quality to you and everyone who sees it. Its sleek, ultra-modern silver or black exterior encases some of today's most exciting technology -- to give you the control and results worthy of any professional. An ultra-high performance Exilim Engine 2.0 makes it all possible. Imagine: picture-taking that appeals to all your senses!


Control at Your Fingertips Whether you shoot stills or video, silently or capturing every sound... Whether you select automatic features or take full control... Every choice is at your fingertips. Ease of operation is a highlight of the EX-V7 you'll appreciate every time you use it.

Brilliant Pictures

7x optical zoom lens Whether you seek a wide view or want to capture distant objects up close, the 7x optical zoom lens provides crystal clear photos. Combine its capabilities with the camera's built-in digital zoom for even greater closesness with your choice of detail! Compose those pictures using the Super Bright LCD -- three times brighter than previous models!


Filled with features Choose from a variety of automated features designed to improve every picture. Capture the moment even if the lighting isn't optimal. High Sensitivity helps avoid dark images even when the flash is not in use. Best Shot Mode, for photos and videos, will help you take pictures like the experts. With up to 43 settings available, you achieve ideal results in even the most complicated picture-taking situations. With Anti-Shake DSP you no longer have to worry about handshake or subject movement. Anti-Shake helps compensate for any motion as you press the shutter. And if you prefer, the EX-V7 also gives you the ability to set shutter speed, focus, and much more!

Pictures that speak for themselves A picture may be worth a thousand words -- but there are times a few from the subject would be invaluable. Now you can add up to 30 seconds of audio to any picture and save them together. Perfect for uploaded pictures destined for loved ones far away. The built-in microphone and memory make it easier!

Exilim Engine 2.0 The latest technology for digital photographic high performance. It's the reason the Casio EX-V7 delivers sharper, better pictures with higher resolution while saving power in an ultra-compact configuration. More versatility. More features. Less space than ever.

AF Auto Tracking Got a subject that just won't sit still? Not a problem with the AF Auto Tracking feature. Just aim, press lightly on the shutter button and the EX-V7 will continue to focus on your subject until the photo is taken. Now you can capture a memory you might otherwise miss!

Amazing Video

High-quality video Capture the moment -- and in full motion! Here's video image quality beyond what you'd dream from a camera so small, sleek and light. The next-generation H.264 video encoding method makes it possible. With the Casio EX-V7, you'll record -- and play back -- high quality video captured in remarkably small file sizes, giving you up to 3 hours of video with an optional 2GB memory card. Capture and preserve special moments anywhere: home, travel, stadium, or concert!

Zoom while recording Good things happening at a distance? Capture it all and bring it closer with the silent, 7X optical zoom lens. Imagine the impact your videos will have when you zoom in to capture the action. And the silent zooming capability helps keep the moment intact without any unwanted noise.

Take your best shot With the Movie Best Shot feature, all you need to do is select from on-screen examples the type of image similar to your subject (close-up subject, night panorama, etc.) and the EX-V7 automatically configures to give you the best exposure and quality for ideal video results!

Video stabilization Banish jagged or blurry action, whether it’s you or your subjects that are in motion. Your videos take on a professional quality with Exilim’s Video Stabilization technology, which digitally processes your video footage while recording, to minimize the effects of hand and/or subject movement. Stabilizer processing is also performed during playback, to ensure that your videos always look great. You’ll clearly see the advantages built into the Casio EX-V7!

Wide-screen and stereo The new wide-aspect ratios are no problem for the EX-V7. Take ultra high quality (UHQ) video in 16:9 wide screen format, if you choose, in MPEG-4 compression. Or choose from five other image quality settings!

Two built-in microphones mean you capture the sound in life-like stereo. You can even play back audio on the built-in speaker! The EX-V7 offers you H.264/AVC video encoding, compressing incredible video quality into smaller file sizes, so you can store more crisp, clear video in less bandwidth!

Sharing Your Videos and Photos

Share your creativity Let others share in enjoying the amazing quality of the pictures and video you take with your Casio Exilim EX-V7. Imagine them on a wide-screen plasma television. Make prints, of any size. Edit and burn your images to a disc. Save pictures in the format best handled by the Internet, then upload and share. Nothing’s beyond your realm. All it takes is imagination -- and the versatility built into the EX-V7!


Share using a TV You've captured some amazing shots and video -- now move the action to where it can be seen by all. Play back your recorded video on a TV, or view a slideshow of your stills. Choose your aspect ratio, even wide-screen 16:9. Zoom in on an image or view 9 at once! The USB cradle has a built-in AV outlet port, so connecting to your TV for big-screen viewing is a snap!

Share using a computer Transfer your movies and stills to a computer. Connecting is made simple with the USB cradle. Your video is easily viewed with the included QuickTime Player as well as other movie player software. The EX-V7 has in-camera editing features, and you can use the included, bundled computer software to edit your movies or photos to a fine polish. And when you have your stills and videos as you want them, you can save them or burn your files to a disc.

Share using the Internet You can upload your stills and movies, too, to share them with friends and family! Pictures for online posting can be automatically optimized with reduced file size and resolution, then stored in their own special folder, ready for you. Uploading is easy with the USB cradle -- even stills with up to 30 seconds of attached audio, perfect for loved ones far away.

Print to save -- or share Prepare your pictures to show them at their best. Use the EX-V7 to resize or crop, and save the results in-camera. Correct brightness, contrast, distortions, or even improve an old photo. Create multi-layered pictures. Grab a still frame from a video movie! The only limit is your imagination.

Ready to print? You have a wide range of options. The EX-V7 offers PictBridge, for connecting directly to supporting printers. Or use the memory card in a printer with memory card slots. Want even more flexibility? Upload your images to your computer, to edit and print with the included, bundled software!

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