Sony ICD-BX112 Digital Voice Recorder

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  • MP3 8/48/128/192 kbps Recording Rates
  • Record Over 500 hrs w/ 2GB Flash Memory
  • Monaural Microphone w/ Hi/Lo Sensitivity
  • Hands-Free Voice Operated Recording

The Sony ICDBX112 Digital Voice Recorder has 2GB of internal flash memory, providing sufficient storage capacity for more than 500 hours of MP3 audio recordings at 8 kbps. Even at 192 kbps, the ICDBX112 can yield over 22 hours of high-quality MP3 recordings. Between the four MP3 recording rates, mic flexibility, extensive features and affordability - the ICDBX112 is a fitting digital voice recorder for chronicling class lectures, capturing live music, documenting board meetings and even just recording daily reminders and preserving oral to-do-lists.

Designed for straightforward, manageable voice and audio recordings, the ICDBX112 features a built-in monaural microphone, outfitted with Hi/Lo gain sensitivity control. It also supports Voice Operated Recording (VOR). Advantageous and truly handy, VOR allows you to audibly signal the start of a recording without ever pushing the record button. It's invaluable if you need to place the recorder out of reach or maybe across a room. It's also beneficial for eliminating the inevitable fumbling sounds that are recorded as you lift and set down a live microphone.

Conducive to quick and easy operation, the ICDBX112's LCD display and the navigation keys make it simple to move through the folders, functions and menus. Also designed for simplicity, the tactile REC & Play buttons are over-sized and centrally located on the recorder (similar to a mobile phone). The LCD screen can display the recording's date and time, as well as the remaining and elapsed time. It also works this way in playback mode. Easing any confusion as to what modes, functions and settings you're using at any point, the ICDBX112 is also equipped with revealing operational LED indicators to identify what's in use.

With a variety of features including Continuous Play, Easy Search, Noise-Cut, A-B Repeat and Digital Pitch Control, the affordable ICDBX112 is a fitting digital voice recorder for high-school and college students, as well as corporate professionals. Sony also provides Low-Cut Filter Protection, erase and divide options, the useful Add/Overwrite Recording function and the Direct Record to Play feature.

Another benefit enjoyed by the ICDBX112 user is its portability. Small, lightweight, and powered by two tiny AAA batteries, the ICDBX112 can record for an incredible 55 hours between battery changes. For more efficient time spent working in the field, Sony accented the ICDBX112 with an integrated 300mW front speaker for listening back over recordings out loud. If you prefer or need privacy, there is a 3.5mm stereo headphone output that can also be used as a line-out for connecting larger speakers. The ICDBX112 features a 3.5mm stereo mic input as well. You can use an external microphone to record in MP3 format through the ICDBX112; employing Sony's Mic Stereo Recording Function during the record makes even stereo recordings possible through the regularly monaural ICDBX112 Digital Voice Recorder.

Quality Recording

For enhanced recording quality, the ICDBX112 features an MP3 192 kbps recording rate, Low-Cut & Noise-Cut features for eliminating distracting background noise during recordings and playback. The monaural microphone also has Hi/Lo gain sensitivity settings for enhanced control over recording quality

LCD Display & Ease of Use

Greatly easing the recording process is the VOR feature, which facilitates Voice Operated Recording. The ICDBX112 is also equipped with a large, easy to read LCD display with viewing screen that facilitates speedy locating, updating and identifying files, folders and functional settings. There is a set of intuitive keys as well, which allow you to adjust several functions and quickly navigate the LCD menu display screens. Plus the Play and REC buttons are large and easy to see

Playback Features

The ICDBX112 allows users to set optimum playback conditions and then listen back through the 300mW integrated speaker or via headphones. You can use Digital Pitch Control during playback to speed up the track without disturbing the pitch. The Noise-Cut eliminates unwanted background noise and the A-B Repeat feature allows markers to be set on a recording for quick fast-forward, rewind and repeat between the set points on any given track. There's even an Easy Search feature for quickly locating your desired file

Easy Editing

With a possible 495 files stored throughout a total of 5 folders (99 files per folder), it's easy to access the file you need. The ICDBX112 can erase files, divide files, move them between folders and provide added protection to important data. The ICDBX112 also comes with Sound Organizer software for PC & Mac

Enhanced Performance & Editing

The ICDBX112 can hold 500+ hrs of recording time on its 2GB internal flash memory. Plus, when recording for lengthy periods of time, the dual AAA batteries are designed to last an impressive 55 hrs

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