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  • Used Very Good, Included Canon Case
  • Compatible w/all Canon EOS & T-90 cameras, Extra features with EOS Elan II
  • TTL/E-TTL auto flash control
  • 4 bounce positions, 6 auto-zoom positions
  • Energy conservation helps extend battery life
  • LEDs on unit display zoom position, auto flash confirmation

    Originally introduced with Canon's EOS Elan II/IIe cameras, Canon's Speedlite 380 EX Flash is compatible with all Canon EOS and T-90 cameras. Measuring 3.13 by 6.63 by 2.38 inches and weighing 9.5 ounces, this powerful flash features maximum guide numbers of 38/125 (ISO 100 meters/feet). It has four bounce positions (up to 90 degrees) and six auto-zoom positions. Zoom positions are set according to focal-length data received from the lens and indicated by red LEDs on the back of the flash unit. Powered by four AA batteries (alkaline, ni-cad, or lithium), the flash recycling time and the life of the batteries varies with the battery type. Helping to lengthen the life of any batteries you choose is an energy-conservation feature that automatically shuts off the unit after 90 seconds of inactivity; the flash will automatically turn on again with EOS cameras when the shutter button or test-firing button is pressed.

    This flash features E-TTL pre-stored evaluative automatic flash exposure control; FE Lock and FP flash when used with Canon's Elan II/IIE, Rebel G, or EOS IX cameras; and TTL autoflash metering with EOS cameras other than the Elan II/IIE, Rebel G, or EOS IX. Flash synchronization speeds in normal operation vary according to camera exposure mode with a normal maximum speed of 1/125 second. Using Elan II cameras with the Speedlite 380EX set to FP mode, the high-speed flash synchronization mode varies from 1/180 to 1/4000 seconds. High-speed synchronization is possible in the camera's creative modes of shutter-priority, aperture-priority, intelligent program, and manual. Flash synchronization is for the front curtain. Second curtain synchronization is possible with Elan II/IIE cameras via a setting on the camera.

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