Nikon F3HP 35mm Camera Body

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  • Professional SLR 35mm film camera 
  • Rugged construction designed for heavy use
  • Interchangeable finders
  • Light Meter
  • High Eyepoint HP prism viewfinder with LCD and viewfinder illumination
  • Aperture Priority autoexposure
  • Electronically timed shutter
  • 1/90s mechanical backup shutter speed
  • TTL flash metering with compatible Speedlights
  • Interchangeable focus screens
  • Depth-of-Field preview
  • Mirror lock-up
  • Built-in timer
  • Multiple Exposure Control
  • Flash Sync PC socket
  • Compatible with non-Ai lenses
  • Compatible with dedicated MD-4 Motor Drive

The Nikon F3HP 35mm SLR provides form and function in one durable body.  The classic Nikon F3HP was first seen in 1980 when it was known as a favorite among photojournalists.  This quality camera offers a professional take on photography in just about every setting.  The body is comfortable to hold when using it for longer periods of time. Both amateurs and professionals can use this item to create quality images thanks to Nikon's attention to special features. This Nikon camera’s size is appealing to most photographers with dimensions of 4.5 inches tall and 6.8 inches wide. It weighs in at about 1.5 pounds. The high-eyepoint Nikon camera viewfinder is interchangeable and lets you comfortably look through the viewfinder even when you are wearing glasses. Made from aluminum alloy, these Nikon camera casings offer durability for day-to-day usage. There are loads of manual features on the Nikon F3 camera that help it achieve beautiful photos. The camera's manual focus works with the finder, but this selection will also work well with autofocus lenses. A range of popular lenses easily mounts and unmounts with only a limited amount of effort. Nikon F-Bayonet is the lens-mount type on this model. There is a Nikon F3 zoom feature, which allows the photographer to get the best view of the images while improving depth perspective. With a shutter speed of eight to 1/2000 seconds, blurred images will be a thing of the past. Set the Nikon titanium shutter release to manual or automatic modes depending on your preferences. Information for measurements such as the shutter speed is displayed on the LCD. This easy-to-read selection makes quick work of setting up a great photo. The meter is center-weighted when used at full aperture. This choice makes metering easier for inexperienced photographers. Simply make any adjustments to the Nikon camera with the conveniently located manual buttons. This camera has been a long-term popular choice among skilled professional photographers. These options also make it a great choice for beginning photographers as they learn about photographic exposure techniques that provide incredible creative control. This type of camera also encourages standard settings that can capture a range of images without significant or complicated changes. Use the built-in self-timer for a convenient 10-second delay. Among other prime features, the Nikon F3 body uses alkaline watch batteries that can be changed using a common coin as a tool. The camera will shut off after a period of idling to preserve battery life. It can then be turned on by just pushing the shutter. Attach a strap to carry this device around your neck or on your shoulder when you’re on the move. The film with speeds from ASA 12 through 6400 can be used with this camera for added flexibility. When it comes to the camera body, it provides a secure spot for accessories. A flash, special NIKKOR 50-mm lenses, and a Nikon MD-4 motor drive can be added to the device for customized operational choices. The flash mounts to the top of the casing for better reach and accuracy.

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