FUJIFILM FinePix F200EXR Digital Camera - Silver

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  • 12.0 Megapixel
  • 5x Wide-Angle Zoom Lens (28-140mm)
  • 3.0" Color LCD Display
  • Super CCD EXR Sensor
  • Dual Image Stabilization
  • Extremely High Sensitivity (ISO 12800)
  • Film Simulation Modes
  • Face Detection 3.0
  • HD Video Out
  • xD-Picture & SD/SDHC Card Compatible

The Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR Digital Camera utilizes ground-breaking technology to create an unprecedented level of image quality from a consumer-level compact camera. The 12 Megapixel Super CCD EXR and EXR Processor, offer 3 switchable modes in one sensor. The High-Resolution mode provides fine detail of intricate subjects when plenty of light is available; the High Sensitivity mode produces images with extraordinary quality and minimal noise when shooting in very low light; and the Wide Dynamic Range mode captures an excellent level of detail in both highlights and shadows - even in bright and contrasty direct sunlight.

The camera incorporates a powerful Fujinon 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens that allows for shooting of both wide vistas and large groups as well as superb close-ups and macro capability. It also includes the most powerful face detection technology on the market, Face Detection 3.0, with auto red-eye removal. On top of this, the F200EXR offers 5 Film Simulation Modes, a 3.0" high-resolution 230,000 dots wide view LCD, HD Photo Output, and Dual Image Stabilization with CCD shift image stabilization combined with high sensitivity up to ISO 12800 (3 million pixels only) so your shots will be blur-free time after time, even in the most difficult of conditions. Furthermore, the FinePix F200 EXR combines Fujifilm's tried and true scene recognition technology with EXR technology in the revolutionary EXR AUTO mode. This lets the camera choose the best sensor mode for the scene and quickly optimize the camera's settings to allow the photographer to concentrate on capturing the perfect shot.

Super CCD EXR & EXR Processor

Fujifilm's Super CCD EXR & EXR processors are combined to provide superior image quality in any lighting situation. The high-sensitivity sensor uses a novel pixel arrangement along with a combination of high-sensitivity and low-sensitivity image pixels to create images with an incredibly wide dynamic range while minimizing image noise. It's like having a digital camera that is as versatile as the human eye - if you can see it, you can photograph it

12.0 Megapixel Resolution

The FinePix F200EXR produces images with an impressive 12.0 megapixels of resolution, providing incredibly sharp and detailed images even when printed to poster sizes

5x Zoom Lens

The FinePix F200EXR features a Fujinon 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens (equivalent to 28-140mm on a 35mm camera). The camera also has a 5.7x digital zoom that lets you get even closer providing a combined 28.5x total zoom range

Dual Image Stabilization

The FinePix F200EXR assures that your images will be as sharp as possible with Dual Image Stabilization. The camera combines a sensor-shift mechanical image stabilization system which compensates for movements in the photographer's hand, with Fujifilm's Picture Stabilization Technology that takes advantage of the high sensitivity of the camera for faster shutter speeds. These two stabilization systems together provide increased clarity and sharpness, even in low-light conditions

Film Simulation Mode

Traditional film photographers have always had their favorite film that provided just the right balance of color and contrast for their particular photographic vision, but with the advent of digital photography, this has been lost - Now, it's back with the exclusive film simulation mode. Users can set the camera to simulate their favorite Fuji Film products including Provia, Velvia, and Astia films. Plus there is a Black and White mode and a Sepia tone mode, for more artsy images

Super Intelligent Flash System

Fujifilm's Super Intelligent Flash system ensures your image is always properly exposed with just the right amount of light, resulting in more natural-looking subjects and backgrounds that are bright and full of crisp detail

Face Detection with Automatic Red Eye Correction

Fujifilm's Face Detection Technology, which significantly improves your picture taking by identifying human subjects' faces in the frame (up to 10 faces) and in real-time, determines the best possible focus and exposure settings for the absolute best results possible in any shooting conditions. Furthermore, the camera incorporates a sophisticated, intelligent software algorithm to detect red-eye and correct it in-camera after the image has been captured, to assure every picture looks its best

EXR Auto Mode

EXR Auto Mode will automatically select from six modes (Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Backlit Portrait, Night, and Night Portrait) to achieve the best possible image without the need for the user to intervene. As an example, when taking the close subject, FinePix F200EXR will intelligently choose Macro mode by recognizing the scene. Then the sensor will switch to the best EXR mode that is suitable for the scene. Intelligently switching into one of High-Resolution Priority (HR), High ISO and Low Noise Priority(S/N), and D-Range Priority (DR) to capture the best possible shot

Advanced Self-Timer Functions

The combination of self-timer and face-detection functions adds an element of flexibility and fun to the familiar self-timer function. The Couple Timer waits until two faces are close together in the frame. Select "Near", "Close-up" or "Super-Close" depending on the level of intimacy you're aiming for, The Group Timer mode gives you time to get into position as it waits until the specified number of faces are detected in the frame - selecting up to 4 faces

TV-quality Video Recording

The FinePix F200EXR includes a VGA Quality Movie mode that captures at a rate of 30 fps with sound, so you can use your compact digital still camera to produce broadcast-quality video clips. The camera also has a One Touch Movie Button to quickly engage the movie mode, plus the camera allows for effective movie editing with the Successive movie feature that allows users to select any previously recorded movie file and "resume" shooting, and In-Out Editing where users can select the IN and OUT points to crop and save only the part of the video clip desired

3.0" LCD Display

A scratch-resistant, reinforced glass protective shield protects the incredibly sharp and bright 3.0-inch LCD so you can take it everywhere. The extra-large LCD makes it easy to frame your photos and share the results in brilliant color

Innovative Playback Functions

The Micro Thumbnail View presents a Clear 10 x 10 array of thumbnails on the big display to make navigating photos fast and easy. The versatile in-camera slide show options let you add music and view slides with powerful Face Detection functions. In addition, the Scrap Book View Slide Show brings a stylish twist with multiple images displayed in a scrapbook montage. The camera also includes an innovative Folder Management feature lets you save and organize your photos in Travel, Favorites, or one of the other handy preset folders. Later it is easy to find your shot or set up a themed slide show. There is even a password protected Private folder available

Uses xD-Picture & Secure Digital Cards

The FinePix FinePix F200EXR features a card slot that accepts either xD-Picture Card or Secure Digital media to store and transfer your photos. Plus the camera is compatible with Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Cards. This convenient and flexible capability assures compatibility with a wider variety of applications than ever before and allows users to choose the media technology that is right for them

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