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  • Needs to be repaired (If repaired can be sold Accordingly)
  • Including: Charger/Adapter, Box



  • 25X optical zoom lens (digital zoom to 1,000X)
  • Image stabilization
  • Records high-quality DVD-Video
  • Records to mini DVD-Rs and DVD-RWs
  • Recording capacity of one disc: 20 minutes at top-quality setting; 30 minutes at standard setting; 60 minutes at long-play setting
  • 680,000-pixel CCD (450K effective pixels in 16:9 widescreen mode)
  • DIGIC DV processing
  • Digital photo mode
  • 2-11/16" widescreen color LCD
  • Color viewfinder
  • Dolby® Digital 2-channel audio
  • Night Mode
  • Smooth Zoom Control (3 preset zoom speeds)
  • 16:9 widescreen mode
  • Auto and manual focus
  • Scene shooting modes, including Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight, and Fireworks
  • Digital picture effects
  • Audio/video output
  • 2-9/16"W x 3-9/16"H x 4-15/16"D
  • weight: 14.6 oz without lens or battery

With the Canon DC100, you get all the convenience and functionality of recording and sharing your videos with DVD technology. You also get the same Canon expertise and features found on more expensive camcorders. The DC100 delivers great video and makes it easy to capture the precious moments in your life.

The DC100 digital camcorder gives you all the convenience and functionality of DVD technology. It lets you record directly to DVDs and lets you shoot and share videos through a variety of options. Only 3 inches (8 centimeters) in diameter, the DC100's DVD -R/-RW discs are compatible with most DVD players and can store up to 30 minutes of video in standard mode and 60 minutes of video in long-play mode. That's 120 minutes on a double-sided disc!

With the DC100's DVD technology, you no longer have to worry about mistakenly taping over a once-in-a-lifetime piece of footage. You simply shoot, and the DC100 ensures that you are recording onto a blank part of the DVD.

The DC100's DVD functionality also makes it possible for you to review your footage quickly and easily without the bother of rewind or fast-forward searching. With the camcorder's Visual Index, you can review your footage at a glance and play the selection you want. You can even select shots and arrange them into a playlist. It's like editing your video right on your camcorder!

What's more, the finalization process for these DVDs is quick and easy with the DC100. It's just one more reason why you'll love recording directly to DVD with your DC100.

Like all of Canon's DVD camcorders, the DC100's optical excellence and advanced features come in a sophisticated, compact design. Its slim and comfortable design makes it easy to operate, carry, or put in your coat pocket.

The DC100 records true High-Resolution Widescreen for picture-perfect video. Canon's Widescreen HR Mode uses the entire width of the image sensor, capturing the true 16:9 widescreen.

So why is the way you record widescreen images so important? Because you want an image made for widescreen, not adapted for widescreen. Widescreen is the future--every HD television is widescreen.

The story of how we do it may be a bit technical, but the result is clear to see. Canon camcorders use the entire width of the image sensor to capture your precious video in true 16:9 format. What difference does this make? It's simple. With more pixels captured, you get better image quality. Other camcorders force the wider picture into a smaller space on the sensor--giving you a less true image, with fewer pixels and lower quality. With High-Resolution recording on a Canon camcorder, the canals of Venice will be as grand as you remember seeing them.

  future--be sure you invest in that future with a Canon camcorder.

Because of genuine Canon optics, the name Canon is synonymous with unsurpassed optical performance. Brilliant optical quality is part of every Canon broadcast TV lens, 35mm film camera, digital camera, and camcorder--and the DC100 is no exception.

Additional features:
Dolby Digital 2 Channel Audio ensures your audio quality is as good as your image quality.

Built-in Lens Cover means you never have to go looking for your lens cover again. Plus, you don't have the bother of your lens cap dangling from your camcorder.

2.7-inch LCD Screen with Backlight makes it easy to compose and review your shots. The backlight feature gives you a bright, easy-to-see screen, even in direct sunlight.

Easy Color Menu System has been newly designed, making it easy for you to operate your DC100.

Digital Effects/Fades add professional-looking touches to your videos.

Selectable Display Languages gives you the choice of English, as well as additional languages that include: Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Italian, Polish, and Thai.




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