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Capture Life's Moments with Ease:

  • 37-105 World Time Back
  • 35mm Film Format: Embrace the timeless aesthetic and hands-on experience of film photography.
  • 3.4x Zoom Lens (38mm-130mm): Frame a variety of shots, from wide landscapes to close-up portraits, with a single lens.
  • Automatic Exposure: Effortlessly capture clear photos in various lighting conditions without worrying about complex settings.
  • Multi-Autofocus System: Ensures sharp images by automatically focusing on your subject.

Advanced Features for Creative Control:

  • Dial Mode: Simplifies operation with a dedicated dial for selecting different shooting modes, making adjustments user-friendly. (Night mode, portrait mode, etc.)
  • Spot Autofocus: Gain precise focus control by selecting a specific area within the frame.
  • Built-in Flash: Provides illumination for low-light situations, ensuring your photos are well-lit.

Additional Considerations:

  • Discontinued Model: Finding new Nikon Zoom Touch 800 cameras might be challenging. Look for trusted used-electronics retailers specializing in vintage cameras.
  • Film Photography: Requires purchasing and processing film, adding to the overall cost.
  • Limited Manual Controls: This camera is designed for automatic operation, offering less control over exposure settings compared to advanced cameras.

Overall, the Nikon Zoom Touch 800 is a user-friendly and feature-rich point-and-shoot camera ideal for casual photographers and those new to film photography. Its powerful zoom lens, automatic features, and compact design make it a convenient choice for capturing everyday moments with a classic touch.

The Nikon Zoom Touch 800 is a point-and-shoot film camera known for its powerful zoom lens, user-friendly features, and compact design. Released in the late 1990s, it captured the hearts of photographers seeking a versatile camera for everyday use.



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