Breakthrough Photography X1 UV Filter 43mm

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  •  AGC GLASS MADE IN JAPAN: The X1 UV features 4-layers of our state-of-the-art and uniformly applied MRC coatings which reduces flaring and ghosting than you’d normally see with uncoated protection filters
  • ELIMINATES VIGNETTING: An ultra-slim, double-threaded design that eliminates vignetting on wide-angle full-frame setups
  • WEATHER-SEALED DURABILITY: Every filter we make, including the X1 UV, is weather-sealed to ensure that your lens is protected against the elements
  • ALL-NEW DESIGN: The X1 UV has an all-new filter design allowing better grip, making it faster and easier to install and remove  


    The X1 UV is our take on the legacy flat black UV filter with a modern spin: MRC4 and a 3.5mm ultra-slim weather-sealed frame.

    The X1 UV Filter features 4-layers of our state-of-the-art and uniformly applied MRC, which means less flaring and ghosting than you’d normally see with uncoated protection filters.

    Our modern coating chambers are airtight, producing a uniform coating visible to the human eye when holding the filter at a right angle to a direct light source.

    Two layers of MRC are applied to each side of the optical disk, resulting in a total of 4 layers (MRC4). In addition to being structurally harder than the glass itself, our MRC coating process increases light transmission from 94.6% (without MRC) to 97.8%.

    Glass without MRC coatings is highly susceptible to a range of optical phenomena such as flaring, ghosting (lower contrast as a result), and generally less saturation.

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