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  • HDV camcorder with a 1/2.7-inch CMOS image sensor; 24p Cinema Mode
  • High-definition 10x optical zoom lens; super-range optical image stabilizer
  • Advanced photo features: up to 3-megapixel stills, histogram display, built-in flash, and more
  • 2.7-inch color widescreen LCD; color viewfinder
  • HDMI terminal; advanced accessory shoe

The Canon VIXIA HV20 HDV Camcorder brings the power of professional-level HD recording to the consumer at a price that won't break the bank. The VIXIA HV20 captures images in genuine HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, so you are shooting in real HDTV, all on a mini HDV tape. One of the biggest features this camera brings to the consumer camcorder market is the ability to capture in 24p, the same frame rate used in a movie film.

Canon improves upon the standard CCD camcorders by using a 1/2.7" CMOS sensor to generate images. The 2.96MP CMOS sensor tends to process faster than a CCD for richer color and sharper detail. When you add a Canon Optics HD lens, 10x optical zoom, and a DV II processor you get ultra-sharp color and incredible detail even from a distance. In order to ensure you get the highest possible video quality and picture Canon added an HDMI output and hot shoe terminal to the HV20.

As impressive as the HV20 is as a camcorder, it gets even better as a 3.1 megapixel digital still camera. Store images on tiny HC Mini-SD memory cards with the Mini-SD card slot. The optical image stabilizer and advanced AF autofocus make it easy to get crisp clean video and photos. Choosing and using the enhanced features such as Smooth Zoom Zebra Pattern and Level Shot Control, are easy thanks to the 2.7" LCD screen.

Canon fit everything you can ask from a camcorder in the HV20, all in a body that fits comfortably in your pocket. Now if they could only develop a "remove 10 pounds feature"...

1/2.7" 2.96MP True HD CMOS Sensor (1920 x 1080)

Canon improves upon the standard CCD camcorders by using a CMOS sensor to generate images. The 2.9MP CMOS Sensor tends to process faster than a CCD for richer color and sharper detail.

24p Cinema Mode

You can change the camcorder's frame rate to 24p, which is the same frame rate as a professional movie film.
The HV20 also offers Playback of 60i, 30F, 24F, and 24p video.

HD 1920 x 1080

The HV20 captures true 1080 High Definition resolution video in 16:9 format, using MiniDV cassette tapes.

HDMI Output

Many consumer products are adopting High Definition Media Interface (HDMI) connections for transmitting uncompressed digital HD video and audio signals. Canon has upped the ante by incorporating this into the already extensive array of video output choices on the HV20. Simply hook the camera up to your HDTV via this interface and view all your footage the way it was meant to be seen: purely digital!

DIGIC DV ll Processor

Thanks to DIGIC DV II image processing, the HV20 produces video with improved color reproduction ideal for skin tones, and dark and light scenes. It also uses a noise reduction system that uses two types of noise reduction, for HD images that are crystal clear.

Instant AF (Auto Focus)

The Instant AF feature uses an external sensor, together with Canon's auto-focus system, to help significantly decrease the time it takes to find the focus, even in low light conditions. This system achieves focus instantaneously, eliminating the struggle needed to find the correct focus.

Hot Shoe

Plug an accessory (microphone, light, etc.) into the HV20's advanced accessory shoe and the camcorder will immediately provide it with power.

Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS)

While a digital image stabilizer compensates for shaking by adjusting the picture frame by frame, an Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) avoids the shaking before the image is captured. OIS uses a floating lens element that is moved relative to the rest of the lens, to maintain a balanced picture

Variable Zoom Speed Control

How often have you watched a home video and gotten motion sickness when the zoom goes from 0 to 60 in 1/10 seconds? The Variable Zoom Speed Control maintains the speed of your zoom so that everything looks smooth and professional.

Level and Grid Markers

Not sure if your shot of the sunset over the New York skyline is actually level? The Level marker places a horizontal line across your screen so you can make sure you are shooting at the perfect angle.

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