Leica 14495 Multi-Functional Handgrip M (Black)

  • $849.00

The new Multi-functional Handgrip M allows the user to keep a firm hold on the camera, whie at the same time ading many useful functions to the camera's features. The GPS module built into the handgrip gives users the option of adding the location to the EXIF image data (geotagging), to be able to sort and display images by location. To use an independent flash and an external viewfinder at th same time with a Leica M, the Multi-functional Handgrip M offers a SCA socket. This socket communicates with the camera in the same way as its integrated hot shoe. Additionally, the Multi-functional Handgrip M also features a socket for an external power supply and a DIN/ISO-X sync plug for studio flash systems. A USB port built into the handgrip also gives users the ooption of connecting the Leica M Direclty to a computer. The "Leica Image Shuttle" software enables remote control of all camera functions and the transmission of image data directly to a computer via USB cable.

  • Ergonomic design
  • GPS module for geotagging.
  • Allows the use of an external flash and external viewfinder at the same time.