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  • 35mm Film Rangefinder Camera
  • Fully Mechanical Operation
  • 0.72x Brightline Viewfinder
  • Six Image Field Frame Lines
  • Abrasion-Resistant Black Lacquer
  • Solid Brass Top Plate w/ Red Leitz Logo
  • Leather Strap with Embossed Leica Logo
  • Original M6 Style Packaging

The Leica M6 was originally released in 1984 and would go on to become an icon of photographic history. Manufactured until 2002 and subsequently replaced by the M7 and MP, the M6's simplicity, toughness, meticulous craftsmanship, and most intuitive operation allowed it to outlive its successors and remain the golden child of the film photography era. Now, as a new generation of photographers rediscover this inimitable experience, the M6 returns to full production ready to lead the way.

Taking inspiration from the M6 Classic rather than the later TTL model, this contemporary take remains true to the original and features the same slanted rewind crank, angled film advance lever, vintage black vulcanite, and the recognizable Leica M6 branding in the front, complete with the red dot logo.

The film is not Dead

Beginning from the action of decisively loading your camera with a roll, the film encourages us to make decisions and commit to them. In a manual camera with no autoexposure settings, our knowledge of the core principles of photography is the only thing that makes a difference. The film development process creates a separation between us and the final image, forcing us to trust in our own ability, allowing us -over time- to more easily visualize the effects of aperture and exposure in our work. Thanks to the natural, organic beauty of the images made in this medium, the film has revealed itself to be the most rewarding form of photography in the post-digital age.

The Leica Way

Trends come and go, but real true quality and love for the craft stand the test of time. Committed to a singular vision from the moment of their inception, the Leica M cameras have captured iconic images for decades. Their rangefinder design allows not only for the dimensions to remain as small and light as possible but to design dedicated lenses of unparalleled optical performance without compromise. Combined with the simple elegance, absolute reliability, and high-quality materials, it's no surprise the M system has become an icon itself.

Rangefinder and Light Meter

Taking in advances pioneered by modern M-bodies, the rangefinder sees a full overhaul, with optimizations to its assembly, as well as optical coatings on all glass surfaces to virtually eliminate ghosting and flare. Now comprised of over 100 individual parts, it's a pleasant improvement over the shortcomings of the previous design. It features the same 0.72x magnification as the M6 Classic, a versatile middle ground between the 0.58x and 0.85x alternatives.
The light meter has been completely reengineered with modern, more reliable electronics and sports a newer display with a center dot in addition to the traditional arrows on either side. Like the original, there are frame lines available for 28, 35, 50, 75, 90, and 135-millimeter lenses. After attaching a lens, the corresponding focal length automatically appears in the viewfinder as frame lines. In addition, all other frame lines can be displayed in the rangefinder using the field selector. This allows you to select the appropriate focal length for your subject before releasing the shutter - and to capture your image at the decisive moment. It features a battery warning indicator and unlike the original, you have the option to turn it off completely by rotating the shutter dial to the Bulb mode position.


Housing the new light meter is a redesigned top cover. While the original was made of diecast zinc, the current iteration has it milled from solid brass and is finished with an abrasion-resistant black lacquer. Along the top, the shutter speed dial features the same dimensions and direction as the original M6 Classic rather than the larger TTL dial. A PC socket is found below the flash shoe, allowing the use of off-camera flashes. The rear ISO dial features new, more reliable electronics.

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