OPTECH USA Mini QD Loops - System Connectors

  • $12.99


With the OP/TECH USA System Connectors, the camera or binocular owner has several connection options.Mini QD Loopsallow users to easily fasten small cameras to many OP/TECH USA neck and wrist straps and also quickly switch between straps. They incorporate a thin cord loop for tight camera strap connection areas and 3/8" quick disconnects for easy attachment to a strap. They are approximately 2.5" (6,4cm) in length when attached to a camera.Mini QD Loopsare available in sets of four.

Mini QD Loopsare small but mighty and perfect for compact cameras! Each one has a tensile strength of 44lbs which far exceeds the demands of a compact camera.

How to attach Mini QD Loops :

  1. Thread small cord loop through connection point on camera.
  2. Thread mini quick disconnect through opening of loop.
  3. Pull mini quick disconnect to tighten knot.
  • Allows users to fasten small cameras to many OP/TECH USA neck straps
  • Easily attaches to strap with 3/8" quick disconnects
  • 1.5mm Nylon cord loop works great with small connection points
  • Contains four connectors (each connector includes one female quick disconnect and one male with loop)
  • Made in the USA