Rodenstock 88029 HR 72mm CPL Circular Polarizer MC Digital Filter

  • $99.95

Rodenstock Digital HR (High Resolution) "thin design" Circular Polarizing filter for professional digital imaging. Rodenstock filters incorporate a new "state of the art" optical glass formulation optimized for digital photography in combination with abrasion resistant multi coatings. With superior performance and easy to clean coatings, Rodenstock's filter design is uncompromised in durability and optical performance. The thin profile construction, reduces any chance of vignetting for all lenses from extreme wide angle to telephoto. Sealed edge rings, along with a water repellent top coating, offer an additional layer of protection for photographers shooting in extreme conditions. Manufactured under ROHS environmental standards. 72mm thread size.

  • Stringent quality precision machined crafted metal rings to ensure optical flatness
  • Professional thin design filters for all imaging applications for both wide angle and telephoto lenses
  • Designed for use with high preformance optics
  • Meets RoHs standards for enviromental concerns
  • A unique quality scratch resistant lotus leaf hardcoat to prevent abrasions and the effects of moisture while providing a professional standard of light transmission necessary for high resolution imaging